ListingBiz is a remarkable name for professional business directory which will impact your workability in multiple of hundreds and thousands. The Listingbiz database supplies data around 10 million firms overall and this is the best element we give.

ListingBiz is group of experienced and hardworking managers, who are available for your solutions and problems. Customer satisfaction is having prime importance and there is no matching web directory which helps you in this manner.

Right up ’til the present time, data around 10 million firms in 70 nations are contained inside the database of our international business directory. Those information’s relate either to a SME, a major organization, a retail exchange or a liberal calling. In the midst of numerous information’s, the database gives the postal location of the firm and, more often than not, one or a few telephone numbers and the name of the CEO. This is a wonderful information mining and diligent work finished by ListingBiz.

In addition, the database concentrates on the most essential B2B organizations which is not prominent in other listing directory. Data’s about them are as often as possible upgraded, about once every month and on account of the huge organizations, twice per year on our directory. Information’s are in this way greatly dependable, standing to think around an organization its business action, its size, and the elements of its supervisors and in addition their email addresses…

As Listingbiz is set up in 70 nations, its database is colossal. It strikingly gives the name of 14 million supervisors and more than 5 million email addresses. It is mostly used international business directory ever.

ListingBiz is the perfect business directory to extend its business. One of the qualities of the database lies in its structure taking into account the Listingbiz arrangement. This order records all the business exercises known not day. The best and well updated data and compatible listing directory of modern era.

It’s worth is additionally controlled by its nominatives, as the database supplies the names of supervisors and chiefs, conclusive information’s to make business. Therefore Listingbiz empowers you to address the right persons while prospecting. Right web directory for right people.

On account of that international business directory, the Listingbiz database can meet distinctive solicitations. For example, the database can encourage the action of organizations set up abroad, by giving figures about what sort of products their potential customers import or fare.

Whatever you movement, the Listingbiz database demonstrates vital in adding to your business.